Good Afternoon NYC Fit Food Fashion Readers! I hope everyone is all set for Easter Weekend. We are very excited to be celebrating Baby Emma’s first Easter. Today I will be writing about my experience at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse here in Midtown NYC.  If you do not know Uncle Jack’s maybe you have seen the owner Willie Degel on Food Networks “Restaurant Stakeout”. On the show Willie helps out restaurants that are struggling with employee problems and bad service. Uncle Jack’s has won multiple awards for their service, something that Degel boasts about on the show. We decided to visit Uncle Jack’s on our final date night before the baby.

Unlce Jack's Steakhouse nyc

Upon entering I expected the hostess to be amazing since I have seen on Restaurant Stakeout, Willie showing a hostess how it should be done properly. The hostess was not the engaging friendly example that Willie has told countless other people that his hostesses are the best. She was fine but nothing that I would say exemplified amazing service. It took awhile for our waiter to come to the table and when he did, once again I was not blown away by the service. Jon ordered a beer and it took about 15-20 minutes to come to the table. Since I was obviously pregnant the waiter did not even ask me if I wanted a drink?? I guess he was assuming I was just drinking water. Before he walked off I asked him if I could get a club soda. That took longer than the beer to get to the table!

Let’s talk about the best part of the dinner. The food! We decided to get some Thick Cut Maple Glazed Bacon. I kid you not, this is by far the best bacon I have ever eaten. If you like bacon, you will fall in love with Uncle Jacks bacon. The maple glaze is delicious, almost makes it taste like a candy. The sweetness really sets off the smokey saltiness of the bacon itself. I would go back just to order the bacon!

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

For dinner we decided to split the Cote de Bouef for two. A 35 day dry ages Long Bone Rib Chop 48 ounces sliced off of the bone. I could not believe 48 ounces for two people? There was so much mean, but we loved it. There was tons left over which Jon enjoyed the next night, while I could not really eat anything the night before my c section surgery. For sides we ordered Sweet Potato Mashed and Creamed Spinach. Both sides were very good. I especially loved the sweetness of the potatoes. Any place that has mashed sweet potatoes is in my good books that’s for sure! The creamed spinach was very good, one of the best I have had and I have had quite a few here in NYC.

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Our server disappeared for a while and we was replaced by a young man. I wish I knew his name because he gave us the Uncle Jack’s service that I was expecting. Before I could finish my club soda he was already there with a fresh one and made sure we were satisfied with everything. I wish he had continued serving us but eventually our old server returned and so did the slow service. Receiving the bill took forever but in their defence it was a pretty busy night.

Being that I was so stuffed we decided against dessert but I am sure that if we had dessert it would have been just as good as all of the other food that we ate that night. I can not say that the service lived up to the hype but the food made up for it. If you are in the city, check out Uncle Jack’s and get the bacon!

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