Fitness Motivation

Hello NYC Fit Food Fashion Readers! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Fitness is not just about working out. I believe in being fit mind and body. This quote embodies all of that. Right now I am still in recovery from my c section so running faster is not in the cards for me till at least May but I can do the rest! A struggle this past week has been diet. With Jon home with me and both of us being tired and not doing much grocery shopping we have been eating a lot of take out. In NYC there is tons of take out to choose from. This week I am hoping to get past that and try to cook some quick, easy and healthy meals. I would love to sleep longer but also with a new-born that is a struggle at the moment. I can promise to try harder, aim higher, defintiely love more and get happier! I am also doing 100 day of happy, if you have Instagram follow me NYCFITFOODFASH. If you have not heard of 100 days of happy check it out here.  What have been your daily struggles lately? How are you going to change things this week?