Hey Nyc Fit Food Fashion Readers! It is time for the weekend and for me that normally means rest time. This weekend I may head into the gym since after my c section on Monday I will not be stepping into the gym for quite a while. My motivation this weekend will be the fact that soon I will not have the luxury of just going to the gym when ever I feel like it, even after I have recovered there is still a baby to look after! I have been looking around on Pinterest this week for some fitness motivation that may help the rest of you  get into the gym this weekend and this upcoming week. Here is a look at some of the great fitness motivation that I have found:

Fitness MotivationFitness Motivation (FlTNESSpics) on Twitter

FItness Motivationfitness motivationFitness MotivationFItness MotivationThat is it for this week guys! I may be back on the blog next but just in case I have a great week of guest posts lined up for you. I hope that these pictures and quotes will help to stay motivated! Have a great week Fitness Lovers!