Hello Readers! As I am coming to the end of my pregnancy I have been debating on what I will do to get my body back on track afterwards and after breast-feeding of course. The idea of doing a detox keeps popping into my head. I have done a cleanse before with some good results and felt pretty good. A detox is designed to rid your body of things it does not need and can act as a kind of restart button for your digestive system. Before starting anything it is good to discuss with your Dr. what your plans are and to make sure to get the ok from them. Detox and cleanses are not for everyone. You may be asking what is a detox exactly? Well it is a restricted and healthy diet that can be accompanied by some supplements to help rid the toxins that we are holding in on to in the body. When I am trying to decided on anything I like to look at the pros and the cons of the situation. I have been doing some research and I figured I could share some of that with you:


  • eliminate unwanted toxins/poisons
  • increase feeling of vitality and well-being
  • cleansed colon leaving you feeling less fatigue and bloated
  • weight loss from the healthier diet, expelled water retention, reduced fat cells but the weight loss may be a short-term thing
  • Immune system booster after getting rid of toxins
  • abandoning bad habits such as sugar addiction and alcohol consumption


  • lowered immune system during the cleanse period due to a reduction on food or not getting the required nutrients
  • disappointment over short-term weight loss and water weight that returns after the detox
  • vitamin deficiencies, if you are not taking the proper supplements

Some example of types of detox would be a juice fast, master cleanse, raw food diet and there are many others out there. I would do some research and see what type is good for you. I am still on the fence on this one but I know that a lot of people choose to do detox and cleanse a couple of times a year and others believe that the body does not need them and is self-cleaning. I think that a detox once a year could be beneficial to a lot of us especially if you do not have the best diet. It can also help to kick-start a healthier lifestyle for those that are struggling to make changes in their health. This is also a great discussion to start. What do you guys think? Have you done a detox in the past? Did you find it helpful? I would love to hear any feedback that you guys may have out there. Let’s discuss this!


Image courtesy of Praisaeng / FreeDigitalPhotos.net