Motivational Quotes

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend. This is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that I am sure most of us have heard or read somewhere before. I have blogged about positivity before and I am a strong believer in positive thinking.

In the first step we always want to think positively. Once you start to entertain negative thoughts then eventually you will be speaking these negative thoughts and bringing them to life. If you are the type of person that has a negative attitude, you can change. It all begins with changing the way you think internally. If you find yourself thinking negatively change the thought to something positive right away. I thought that was silly in the beginning but it has worked for me. I used to have a very negative outlook and I had to train myself to think other wise. If I was not getting what I wanted out of life, what could I change? The first thing was my way of thinking.

Taking the first step in the way you think leads to positive behaviour. When I started thinking more with a more positive light I started behaving differently. When I was younger I was overweight and unhappy, I would sit around and think that this was just the way I am. I would see people who were active and happy and I had convinced myself that I could not do that. Once I started to change that and started to tell myself that it is possible for me to change and to be healthy. I started to get out there and do things to make it happen. Instead of sitting and dwelling on what I did not like about myself, I got out and figured out how to make those changes. Before I was paralyzed by the fear of failure that I would not even try. I dropped that way of thinking took on a positive attitude and made things start to happen and the end result was that I did get healthy and happier. You can do it and you can get out there. Just keep telling yourself that.

The thing is the longer I took on this positive attitude the more it became a habit and the more great things started to happen for me. Once you start to see changes you can not go back to your old ways. Make your new outlook a habit and stick with it. Once it is a habit you will keep seeing more and more successes in your life. I promise you. In the beginning I did not believe in this and thought it was a bunch of crazy self-help type stuff. The thing is you will not notice the changes in your life right away but do not give up. One day you will look back and realize that your attitude change and how you treat yourself and others is what changed everything for you. I know for me things started happening but I did not take into account that it was the way I was thinking that was making it happen but when I look at it now I know that my attitude is what made things start to happen. Like everyone I still have moments of doubt or negative thoughts creep in here and there but when they do I try my hardest not to let it get to me. What is keeping you from achieving your destiny?