Hello Shoe Lovers! Spring is coming upon us and many ladies out there is planning a wedding right now. I know when I got married and was in the planning stages my wedding shoes were very important to me. Do you want to be comfortable through out the day or do you choose fashion? I know that I went with fashion and ended up holding my Badgely Mischka shoes but I loved them. Here is a look at my shoes, I want to share them with you and of course any excuse to go through my wedding pictures!

032For this week’s Tuesday Shoesday I thought we could take a look at some gorgeous shoes that I think would be a great choice for any of you brides out there. I know there are a lot of things to consider in picking out wedding shoes. Where is your wedding? Do you want a colored shoe or do you want to stick with white? How high of a heel do you think you can handle all day? Can you dance in them?

Wedding Shoes- SJP Shoes

I love the SJP Collection Etta Style. The pink reminds me of my wedding shoes but they have a closed toe. I have tried them on and they are wearable and I think I could wear them for many hours without complaint. How gorgeous are these SJP Shoes??

Kate Spade Clarice Wedding ShoesIf you want to stick to a neutral color what about these satin Kate Spade Clarice Pumps? This what I think of when I picture a traditional wedding shoe. I love the detail at the toe and the heel height does not seem to high for dancing and the leather soles will keep you from slipping on the dance floor!

Wedding Shoes- Something Blue by CheersIf you are looking for a flat shoe, how fabulous are these wedding ballet flats by Cheers? It is also a perfect choice if you are looking for something blue to check off your list.

Manolo Blahnik Swan Wedding ShoesI could not do a wedding shoe post without showing off some Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes. These are the Manolo Blahnik Swan White Satin Pumps. This shoe is also famous for being featured in Twilight Breaking Dawn. I just love the intricate crystal embellishment on the toe!

Jimmy Choo Sandals

If you are getting married on a beach, what about choosing some flat sandals for your wedding shoes? You can still get something gorgeous and still splurge worthy. These are the Jimmy Choo Nox Flat Crystal Thongs. The thongs are embellished and also feature leather soles. With these wedding shoes you will also be able to wear them over and over again. I love these sandals because of their versatility, who doesn’t need a dressy flat sandal for vacations etc.

Badgley Mischka Wedding Shoes

I had to of course add my own wedding shoes. This is a Badgley Mischka classic wedding shoe. The Randall by Badgley Mischka comes in vanilla, sky blue and a blush pink. When I had bought my wedding shoes I bought them in a rose color. I could not find that color online right now. I loved these shoes but they are a little high. I made it through the ceremony but did not get to dance in them! I do not regret my choice, I loved these shoes!

What shoes did you choose as your wedding shoes? Which ones are your favorite?

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