TGIF everyone! I was in an interesting fitness tips twitter chat the other night and there was one thing that kept coming up, My Fitness Pal. I have been using this app for years and find it to be one of the main things that keeps me on track all week. I have used Many fitness and food apps and this one is my favorite. If I can give you one health and fitness tip today it is to sign up for My Fitness Pal and give it a try.

Why My Fitness Pal?

Like I said before I have been using it religiously for years. Here are some of the great benefits to using My Fitness Pal app:

  • food diary
  • almost 4 million food items that you can search in their database
  • custom foods can be added from your own recipes etc
  • forums and support
  • exercise tracker
  • it is FREE!!

For me my favorite part of My Fitness Pal is the food diary. It did not take long for this to become a habit for me daily. I check in to the app a few times a day and enter the food I have eaten. It really helps me to be aware of portions as well. Years ago I would never look at a serving size on a package and actually follow it. Now I do because I know I am going to want to add it to my food diary. My Fitness Pal is all about accountability. We all have to take more responsibility for our health and this is a great way to keep you on it. The other great thing is that you are able to see the nutrition values of your day as well. This is awesome for those of us that are not sure if we are getting a good balance of certain vitamins or if we need to add a little something extra to our diets.

Another tracker on My Fitness Pal is tracking your exercise. I love to do this because the more I track it the more I know how much more I can eat that day! The more activity I enter the more calories it adds to my daily goal. There are so many exercises and cardio listed in My Fitness Pal that you should not have a problem entering in everything that you have done that day.

My Fitness Pal also has a forum and you can add your friends for motivation. I will be honest I have not used this function. I get a lot of my motivation from my self or I find social media a really great place to find some fitness inspiration. When I was in this twitter chat the other night a lot of the chatters were part of the forum and had significant friends lists to help each other in their weight loss/weight maintenance journey. Even if you are not looking to lose weight My Fitness Pal has been great just to keep me on track and when I do find my pants are getting tight I can look at my food diary or exercise tracker and figure out what I need to either cut back on or if I need to add more activity.

I hope that you will check out My Fitness Pal or just look into food journaling and exercise tracking because I think it is one of the greatest tools in weight loss and management. What do you do to keep yourself on track?