For a truly versatile fashion item, the timeless tunic is one piece that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Worn on its own as a dress or over trousers or leggings as a long top, a stylish tunic can be worn by women of any size, shape and age. If you’re not sure how best to wear a tunic to flatter your figure, then read on for all the hints and tips you need.


Pear Shape
If your figure is the classic English pear shape you’ll want to avoid drawing attention to your hips, and flatter your best bits. You’ll want to go for a tunic that’s cut in a way that will cover your lower body well, without clinging to the hips and thighs. A tunic with side vents that falls below the thighs is perfect for pear shapes, and a wide or embellished neckline will draw the attention to your upper body.

Curvy girls often make the mistake of choosing loose, shapeless clothing to try to disguise their figures, when they should be showing off their curves! On the other hand, you don’t want anything too tight that will cling to any lumps and bumps. Getting the right balance can be difficult, but sites such as offer a wide range of styles for plus size women.


 Apple Shape
If you’re an apple shape, which means that you’re wider in the mid­section, then the perfect tunic for you will draw attention to your legs and your upper body. A V­shaped neckline and a short necklace will both draw the eye up to your face, and if you want to wear your tunic over trousers, go for skinny jeans to enhance your legs.

Hourglass Figure
An hourglass figure will be swamped in a loose tunic, and of course you won’t be able to show off your curves, so a fitted tunic is the perfect choice for you. If you have a large bust, you need to be extra careful how you style your tunic to avoid looking matronly, so either go for an empire­line waist or wear it with a co­ordinating belt to really cinch it in.


If you’re petite, you need to make sure you don’t go for a tunic that’s too long, as if it doesn’t fall in the right position it can make you look short. A style that’s shorter will look great on you, especially if you’re proud of your legs as you can wear it on its own as a dress. Heels are an essential accessory for petite women, and you can wear killer heels to dress up your tunic, or cute wedges for a dressed­down summer look.
Once you’ve found your dream tunic, you can play around with styles and accessories to find the
perfect look for your body type. In fact, a tunic is even a stylish choice when you’re pregnant, a la Gwen Stefani!


Today’s Guest Blogger Chelsea Sinclair is a curvy fashionista. She enjoys scouring the style world for the best inspirations for the everyday woman’s flattering wardrobe.

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