It is still Restaurant Week in NYC. This past week we had gone to City Lobster for our date night. We have been to City Lobster before with a Groupon and enjoyed our selves. I checked out the menu for Restaurant Week online and it looked pretty good. I made a reservation for Friday night. Upon arriving the place was disorganized chaos. The hostesses did not seem to have things under control. Even though we had a reservation we were told it would be at least another 15-20 minutes. Not something a 9 month pregnant lady wants to hear when she is already starving. Once they finally called us Jon asked the hostess if it was normally this busy to which she responded “Ugh, it’s Restaurant Week” while rolling her eyes. A great way to make us feel welcome?

Once we were seated we looked over the menu and waited for our server. The tables were so crammed together it was like we were eating with the people next to us and let’s just say they did not seem like happy people. Not that much fun for date night. When our waiter arrived Jon asked him if they had any nice virgin cocktails from the bar for me to which he just responded no. He told me soda or iced tea. It would have been nice if he could have checked with the bar to see if they could whip me up something. At this point I knew that this may not have been the best choice for our date night but was determined to have fun anyways.  We ordered our appetizers. Jon decided on the Chincoteague Bay Oysters and Crabmeat Rockefeller and I ordered the Newport Lobster Clam and Corn Chowder.


Jon’s appetizer may not have looked very appetizing but it was pretty good. My chowder was ok, it did not seem like it was made fresh and was not seasoned very well. It required a lot of salt and crackers. I looked over at some of the other tables and their apps looked pretty good, maybe I just made the wrong choice.

We had been having a lot of trouble deciding on entrees. After asking the server about the baked lobster we both ordered it. The server had told us that it was stuffed with crab and a hollandaise sauce. Well once it arrived it had a spoon full of crab mixed with sauce just thrown on top on the shell. Was not worth the supplement price for ordering that item. The rest of the lobster was yummy but when is lobster not. We enjoyed wearing our bibs and had a good time cracking all those shells!


Once we finished our lobsters we were eager for dessert and to make our way home. I was pretty full but who can say no to Manhattan Creme Brulee Cheesecake. Jon chose the Baked New York State Apple Crumble. My cheesecake was probably the best part of my meal. Once again Jon had dessert envy, this has happened the last couple of times we have gone out. He liked his apple crumble but not as much as my delicious cheesecake. After finishing our dessert we headed out. I wish I could say we had an amazing date night but if I had to do it over again we would have went with another restaurant. There is just so many places in NYC that there is no need to go somewhere that does not really appreciate your patronage. There are tons of places to eat lobster in the City! This week we will be eating at Shula’s Steakhouse. Watch out for the post on our date night next week!