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If you love skirts, you’re not alone. Women everywhere love to get their hands on great skirts at a
great price. But there are so many styles of skirts available, it might be hard to know which skirt is
best for your shape. Dressing to flatter your natural figure is a great way to look amazing no matter
what, and the following tips can help you choose the type of skirt that’s right for your body type
and shape.

Pencil Skirt
The pencil skirt is great for people who have larger hips they’d like to slim down. The straight style
of the pencil skirt and high waist with cinched top makes it great for plus size women who are
seeking a way to elongate their frame. But it’s also a great option for those who want a sleek style
with minimal frills; this feature makes it a great option for petite women, as well. No matter what
your shape, the pencil skirt is a classy, professional, and sharp look you can wear with confidence,
and there are so many different colours and style pairings available, you could seemingly wear a
pencil skirt every day of your life and never repeat an outfit. Particularly useful for those who love
their flats, the pencil skirt is best worn when kept at knee-length, and when a belt is used at the top
to accentuate your natural curves.

Mini Skirt
Believe it or not, the mini skirt is actually a great option for those who have a thicker stomach.
Why? When you draw attention to your legs, it draws attention away from your stomach, allowing
you to show off the part of your body you like while keeping the other under wraps. The mini skirt
is one style that can really be worn by anyone, it’s just a matter of confidence. If you’re on the
slender side, you can take advantage of the pleated and fuller versions of the mini. But if you’re a
plus size woman, you may want to stick to a straighter cut. At the end of the day, though, it’s a
matter of how confident you are, and it’s completely up to you which you choose.

When in Doubt: The Circle Skirt
If you’re really not sure which skirt to wear, the circle skirt is the best option. This style is nearly a
one size fits all option, as it looks great on just about everyone. Circle skirts first became popular
in the 1950’s, and have never gone out of fashion since. The trick to wearing a circle skirt in style,
though, is to choose a hemline that is at the knee. Any longer and the skirt can age you or, if you’re
petite, make you look quite short. If you’re a fan of the vintage style, the circle skirt is your best
friend, as you can pair it with a number of amazing vintage accessories for a beautiful, classic
A Line Skirt
The A line skirt is great for most shapes, because it’s tapered at the top and open at the bottom.
When paired with nude heels, an A line skirt can make you look taller, so it’s a great choice for
petite women. Also, since this style skirt cinches at the waist and accentuates your natural curves,
it’s a wonderful option for plus size women, as well. You could feasibly take any fabric in the
world, make an A line skirt from it, and be able to wear it with confidence. There are few A line
skirts that aren’t complimentary, and the vast array of patterns, materials, colours and styles make
them a fashion must have.

Hemming it Up
Regardless of the style of skirt you choose, be sure to keep hemlines in mind. A beautiful skirt can
look disastrous on you if the hemline is poorly placed. Most style magazines and fashion bloggers
agree that allowing the hemline to rest at the slimmest part of your leg, which is usually your lower
thigh or just above your knee, is the most flattering hemline. If you’re a petite woman, keep the
hemline at or above your knee so you don’t make yourself look stout or shorter than you are. No
matter what frame you have, avoid a mid­calf hemline, as that ages you instantly, and is not
flattering on anyone. If you’re wanting to wear a longer skirt, just go full length. Own your figure
and wear your skirt with confidence and pride.

Megan Barnes is a fashion designer. She greatly enjoys writing about classic style challenges on
fashion blogs.

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