The art of looking good has never been so important. Surrounded by celebrity magazines, Hollywood A-listers and spoilt reality TV stars, we have fallen into a culture which many people have become somewhat obsessed with. The amount of attractive people in the public eye has altered the way we feel about our own appearance. Many of us use the gym as a way to keep in shape and fit in around social peers as well as work colleagues. The beauty and cosmetics industry has also benefited greatly from this change in attitude. The amounts of procedures available to people now is extraordinary. With the rise of the internet and numerous cosmetic companies keeping prices low, booking yourself for a treatment has never been so accessible. Here are just some beauty routines which you can consider in the 21st Century.

Skin Care

Because we have different skin types, different techniques work better than others when it comes to care methods. Cleansing is an important first step; using a mild foaming product without harsh detergents is advisable. Apply moisturizer and exfoliating creams can then be applied to help kick-start the day. In addition, adding creams overnight is a clever way of allowing the skin to heal itself whilst you sleep.



Our hairstyle has become a very important beauty consideration for men as well as women. There are a wealth of hair products on the market, from shampoos and conditioners to gels and wax. No matter what type of hair you have, be it dry, worn, light or dark, there will be a hair product suitable. There are also many types of hair blowers, straighteners and curlers to create the desired effect.


Cosmetic Surgery

Perhaps the biggest change to the public consciousness has come with the boom of the cosmetics industry. Botox alone is a multi-billion dollar industry due to its success in the 21st century. There are numerous treatments which are used to deal with a number of issues; pretty much every part of our bodies can be nipped, tucked, softened or erased with a surgical procedure. Dermal fillers, laser hair removal, liposuction and breast enlargements are just a few well-known procedures that are available in the modern-day era.



For women, this century has seen a massive overhaul of the make-up available both on the high street and online. The vast majority of women won’t leave their homes without at least some form of make-up applied to their face. An abundance of products such as lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner, blush and nail polish have made the application of make-up accessible to many people. Some men too have taken to wearing products on their face, something which beauty companies have recognized in their production.


The 21st century has seen the onslaught of celebrity culture where looking good has become as important as anything else. With this in mind, there are countless amounts of make-up products which both men and women turn to in order to satisfy this need. With cosmetic surgery becoming a massive industry all over the world also, there is an abundance of ways we can improve our appearance.

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