I do not know if I have ever been so excited for a shoe launch as I am for the SJP Collection launch at Nordstrom. Not only am I excited to go and see the collection up close and personal but I am very excited to get my hands on my own pair. I have been abstaining from shoe shopping just so I can splurge on a pair of these beauties! The prices range from $195.00-$500.00 and include handbags and a trench coat in the collection. So far my eye is on the Carrie Shoe. The Carrie shoe is gorgeous and a very classic style. If it lives up to my shoe fantasy in person then I will be rocking this style all over the city while I walk my baby in my stroller this spring hahaha.

SJP Collection Carrie Shoe

The SJP Collection launch is just not your average shoe launch. Nordstrom is launching this collection is a really fabulous way. There is no Nordstrom in NYC at the moment (I know crazy right?), there will be a SJP pop shop here in NYC to launch the line. The best part is that Sarah Jessica Parker herself will be appearing at the pop up shop to show off the line and help us ladies pick out the perfect shoe. There has been no times set up yet but for more information you can head over to the Nordstrom website.

SJP Collection

The SJP collection also has their own Instagram with photos that have been added by SJP herself. On the IG account she has shown off quite a few of the styles. I recommend following her on IG just to see the shoes and she has been counting down to the show launch with the rest of us! I will be updating you on the collection once it launches at the end of this week. If you can not be at one of the stores to see SJP, the line will be available online February 28th at midnight. What is your favorite shoe style from the SJP Collection?