Cheesecake Factory Skinnylicious

One thing that is definitely missing in NYC is a Cheesecake Factory. Every time we go to visit my in-laws in Texas we head over to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in South Lake. I am sure most of you have been to the Cheesecake Factory but have you eaten off of the Skinnylicious menu?

The Skinnylicious menu is much smaller than that huge million page menu that the Cheesecake Factory is known for. I am so indecisive I do not think I could ever make a decision on what to have for lunch in less than 30 minutes with that menu. Last time we were visiting we decided to start out with an appetizer. I do not think that this is still on the new menu but we tried the tuna wonton. They were amazing! I wish they would bring them back. They just changed their menu and left these off.

tuna wontons cheesecake factory

I was so happy with the chopped salad that I had last time I decided to give another salad a try. This time around I went with the Mexican Tortilla Salad and it was sooooo good. It had crispy corn tortilla topped with grilled chicken breast and black beans with mixed greens, corn, green onion and cilantro. Topped with vinaigrette and garnished with a little avocado cream sauce, salsa and sour cream. The combination of all of these fresh ingredients was a home run! I would order this again for sure. Calorie wise it is better than any of the items on the regular menu at 560 calories. Not bad for a restaurant lunch!

Jon being a creature of habit he went with his favorite the Grilled Turkey Burger on the Skinnylicious menu. I had a bit and it is a really good turkey burger. So good that I may give it a try next time we are there. Jon did add carmelized onions to his burger. The turkey burger comes in at 445 calories without mayo.

Skinnylicious Turkey Burger Cheesecake Factory

The portions were so good that we did not have room for cheesecake. We always eat off the Skinnylicious menu and have yet to ever have any room in our stomachs for the famous cheesecakes that they have at the Cheesecake Factory. Maybe one day I will try the cheesecake that I have heard so much about! I wish that Cheesecake Factory would open up a location here in NYC! You can check out my first review of the Skinnylicious menu at The Cheesecake Factory right here.

What is your favorite menu item on the Skinnylicious menu at the Cheesecake Factory?

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