A friend of mine gave me this idea a few years ago for Valentine’s Day. If you are stuck on ideas for Valentine’s day, why not do a themed gift using the 5 senses. Use:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch

Start off with your 5 senses to create a great Valentine’s Day gift pack for your date. Here are some ideas for those that you may be spending your Valentine’s Day with.

Guys for the Lady in your Life

  • Sight: a photo book. Make a book of all of the photos that you guys have taken together. The last time I made one we used mixbook.com and I loved it.
  • Sound: make a mixed tape, CD or load your favorite love songs on an Ipod. Music is a great way to bring you back to a special time in your life.
  • Smell: perfume. Find out what her favorite scent is and get her a bottle of perfume. My personal favorite right now is: Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

  • Taste: I do not know many girls that do not love chocolate. Buy her some yummy truffles or try your hand at baking. Make her something yummy! You can find some great V-Day recipes right here.
  • Touch: treat your lady to a mani-pedi or a couples massage. If you are really good you may try to learn the art of massage yourself and treat her to an at home massage.

Ladies for the Guy in your Life

  • Sight: framed photo or a photo book. Another idea would be to have photos done or a boudoir photo shoot.
  • Sound; a mixed tape, CD, Ipod. The same idea as above, give them the gift of music with the songs that represent your relationship.
  • Smell: his favorite cologne. My favorite to buy Jon is actually Zara cologne. It is a great price and smells fantastic.
  • Taste: bake him something delicious! All guys love home-baked goods. Last year I made Jon Chocolate Mousse made from of all things… tofu. It was delicious.
  • Touch: get him something in a luxurious fabric. A cashmere sweater or a pair of silk boxers/pajamas.

Valentine's Day Ideas

Gifts for you Gal Pals

  • Sight: go to see a movie together. A night out with your single gal friends can make V-Day a lot more bearable. That is what I did when I was single. You can also grab a DVD of your favorite movie with you and your friends and watch it at home with some wine!
  • Sound: make plans to see a concert or put together a CD of songs that you guys love to sing a long to together.
  • Smell: ingredients for a spa night. If you decide to stay in and watch a movie what wouldn’t be better than doing some at home spa stuff for you and your gals!
  • Taste: bake or cook together. I love baking cookies with my girlfriends, it is a great way to spend an afternoon. Try baking these White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Pudding Cookies. They are easy and taste so good!

White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Pudding Cookies

  • Touch: grab your girlfriends and head out for a massage or some facials!

What are your ideas for some great Valentine’s Day gifts? Are you going to be doing any DIY V-Day gifts?