Winter has brought many fashion trends with it that you will absolutely love! Textures, sparkly items, and metallic are still in with a host of other great looks that keep the fall look hot even as the weather cools. Check out this link for some favorite fashion trends fit for the runway.

Winter Fashion Trend: Colors

Spring saw dramatic color blocking hit a high note, but fall/winter is just as dramatic! Color blocking isn’t the ideal, however. Choose one brilliant shade for accessories, such as scarlet or emerald, and throw matching out the window. Have fun with those colors, but make sure to even all of the eye-popping shades with a little revealed skin. Pair your outfit with a bright red lipstick for an even greater effect. Get a glimpse of this look here.

Winter Fashion Trend: Skip Colors and Go All-White

Another fashion trend that has emerged is the all-white look. It’s bold and daring, but also easy to assemble for any price range. Winter white is just as it sounds; pair a white, knee-length jacket with a white button up. Add a white tie and white capris to finish out the look.

Winter Fashion Trend: The Beanie

Beanies have been around forever, but for the fall/winter season, they are also a must-have fashion statement. Get creative and pair your beanie with a variety of outfits and occasions. Not only is it practical, but also affordable.

Winter Fashion Trend: Back to the Basics Patterns

Over the past few years, there has been an upsurge in complicated, bold patterns. However, this fall/winter, basic patterns have made a reappearance. Leopard print and plaid have all come to the fore, but if you really want to wear the epitome of style, shoot for the houndstooth.

Winter Fashion Trend: Big Boots

Boots have been peeking their pretty heads into fashion trends for a while now, but over the knee boots is the way to go this winter. Comfortable and sexy, you just can’t go wrong with this footwear. However, if you want a similar look without the big boot, wear black leggings, a knee-length skirt, and a pair of ankle boots instead.

Winter Fashion Trend: Cozy Turtle Necks

Undoubtedly, the turtle neck has been around forever. Thank goodness it’s made a comeback this winter. The turtleneck is a great way to stay warm as the weather cools and avoid the bulk that comes along with most warm clothing. Try it with a heavy jacket.

Winter Fashion Trend: THE Color of Fall/Winter

If there were an official color of winter this year, it would most definitely be green. Any shade of green will do. Whether you go with an army or an emerald, you’re on target for a fashion hit. There’s a complementary shade for every single lady out there.

Winter Fashion Trend: Pants

Say goodbye to the loud, form-fitting pants that have been just the thing recently. Winter is ushering in a new, more laid-back variety of bottoms. High waisted and with a tight ankle fit, fall’s pants are slouchy and rather reserved. Worn with a plain top and heels, you will be the picture-perfect vision of this winter’s trends.

Winter Fashion Trend: What about that Coat?

It is all about the outerwear this fall/winter. A great eye-popping coat is just what you need to set the scene for a trendy season. Plus, it’s one fashion investment that you can wear every day without scorn.

Winter Fashion Trend: Folk-inspired

Tons of folk fabrics are being put with black backgrounds to make this season comfortable and homey. Since traditional patterns came back this season, folk-inspired patterns are just right.

Winter Fashion Trend: It’s All in the Shoulders

Rounded shoulders are the definite in thing this fall/winter. Those who are a little less comfortable with this feminine yet sometimes over-the-top look can go for a less dramatic loose sweatshirt. Those who are super-comfortable with any fashion statement can shoot for the stars with a bold, big-shouldered cocktail dress.

Fashion Winter Trend: Formalwear

Prom dresses of today like the ones from New Look have never been lovelier. Long is definitely back in, although a short cocktail dress is also acceptable as long as it shines…literally. metallic, beadwork, lace – the dress to wear this fall is the one with the eye-popping details.

By and large, winter is a comfortable, pretty place to be this year. The bigger the boot, the better.Comfortable pants and classic turtlenecks are the way to go. Choose larger than life outerwear to avoid oversimplifying your fashion statement. Remember, subdued patterns are in and color blocks are out. You might try out this quiz to see which of winter’s fashion trends are the best fit for your personality. Go for green, and never go wrong! Winter has never been better!


Woman in Pink and Black by Garry Knight


Pigeon Holed Shoes by Garry Knight

Post written by: Julia Kirk

“Julia Kirk, is someone who loves shopping for clothes, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, designing clothes for herself and her friends and keeping a close watch on what’s in vogue. She is fortunate that her day job is fashion merchandising as it allows her to indulge in things that she anyway loves. ”