It is a real pleasure for me to write this Guest Post for this NYC Fit Food Fashion Blog. I
thought I would share with you a poem about one of my favourite forms of exercise, which
is road running. I started road running in 2007 and since then I have completed the New
York, London and Loch Ness Marathons along with some 10Ks and Half marathons too.


NYC Marathon

The reason I was inspired to do my first marathon was because I worked for a local charity at the time and we were looking for some different ways to raise money and running the NYC marathon seemed to be a good choice for all involved.


Battling the Scottish Weather

It certainly was a challenge for me but I was fully committed to it.  I was a keen fan of going to the gym but I must say running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is no real comparison to the inner challenge and the physical and mental endurance of running outside for hours, most days of the week and also for me, battling the Scottish weather – yes it really is 4 seasons in one day over here in Bonny Scotland!!


Wonderful New York City

The NYC marathon was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to date, I think because it was my first ever marathon and also the first time I had ever visited NYC – since then I have been back visiting the wonderful New York City, 5 times, I just love the place!!



I love writing poetry and I share a lot of it on my own blog and I made the following poem especially for this blog post about my marathon running experiences.  I do hope you like it and I would really encourage you to take on the challenge of doing a marathon, it will change your outlook on life in such a positive way, as it did mine.


The Spirit of a Marathon

At early start,
but I’m full of drive.
Running shoes on,
I feel alive.

The spirit of a marathon,
is in my heart.
Flowing through my veins,
in every last part.

My mind is strong,
it needs to be.
Battling all weathers,
but I’m feeling free.

It’s 26.2 miles,
all the way.
The crowds are amazing,
I’m here to stay.

I smile as they shout,
out my name.
“Go Claire Go”,
run past the pain.

The last few miles.
my body says “No”.
Stop this now,
but my mind says “Go”.

The finish line awaits,
and when I get to the line.
I look up to the sky,
Thank you, this is mine.

This marathon medal,
is worth more than gold.
It contains courage and bravery,
and the dreams I do hold.

For now I achieved,
an impossible goal.
This marathon ain’t over,
Running lives in my soul.

Created by Clarabelle for the NYC Fit Food Fashion Blog on 2 December 2013

Bio:  Clarabelle


By day, Claire Marie Murray is a successful Business Woman, Distinction Accredited Certified Executive Coach, Business Mentor and Professional Human Resources Consultant. Her business Murray People ( has been established since 2008.

Outside of the Murray People Business, she is also known by the name “Clarabelle” ( where she is involved in other creatively talented work such as blogging, writing poetry, photography and her most favourite past time of all which is Singing/Songwriting.

She is also a keen road runner and has successfully completed the New York, London and Loch Ness Marathons.

Clarabelle has written 5 eBooks:  3 on poetry; 1 on management coaching and 1 on the practice of gratitude. She is also currently creating her first Music Album, entitled “The Becoming of Me” which will be released in early 2014.