It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it? Looking back, the fashion world had quite a few highlights, so we decided to pick the top 5 memorable moments of 2013 and share them with you:

#1 Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars (via US Magazine). You would think that wearing the perfect Dior gown would be good luck… On the one hand, Jennifer Lawrence did win the Academy Award for Best Actress that night in February 2013, but she also slipped on the stairs while going up on stage! So was the splendid dress good or bad luck? The actress revealed that she didn’t try on anything else for the event, and that the 5-foot circumference around her made it pretty uncomfortable. Oh, what we do in the name of fashion!

#2 Kate Middleton after giving birth (via Huffington Post). On the opposite pole of glamour we have Kate Middleton, the princess who stole everyone’s heart with her natural style. Not only does she keep remixing garments, but she also wears affordable stuff! After giving birth to UK’s heir, Prince George, Kate had her first family pictures taken right outside the hospital, for which she wore a simple baby-blue dress by Jenny Packham. The whole world seemed happy to see her natural postpartum belly and the big smile on her face.

#3 Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (via E!Online). We spoke glamour, we spoke elegance, what comes next? Scandal, of course! Miley Cyrus’ makeover was sudden, but she appears to be very dedicated to it! After chopping of her hair and breaking up with Liam Hemsworth, the singer made a wild appearance at the Video Music Awards this year, wearing not much more than a latex bikini and a foam finger. Oh yeah, and her tongue was out through most of the performance. Meanwhile, Ronyn Thicke wore a striped suit and aviator sunglasses – talk about contrast! This was probably the most popular Halloween 2013 costume, and it made the worst-dressed lists all around the world.

#4 Gwyneth Paltrow at the Iron Man 3 premiere (via Feathers Fashion). And here’s how sexy is done, Miley: subtlely. For the premiere of Iron Man 3 this July, Gwyneth Paltrow decided on an Antonio Berardi gown. The kind of dress that hides a surprise: while the front appeared minimal and decent, the side panels were sheer, showing not only the actress’ incredibly toned body, but also her lack of underwear! Everyone agreed that it was a bold, but inspired choice for the blonde.

#5 Kate Moss on Playboy (via Fashion Gone Rogue). The iconic Playboy bunny costume was brought to light on the cover of the famous men’s magazine at the end of this year. What does this have to do with fashion? Well, it’s got supermodel Kate Moss wearing it! This is her first time covering the mag, and she’s been fashionably photographed by Mert & Marcus for it.  It’s sexy, without looking dirty, and it shows Kate’s versatility once again.

Happy New Year!