Hi! My name is Jordan, and I’m a guest blogger! I’m 16, and a style blogger. You can find my blog here if you’d like. Joanne is off having a fabulous time on her babymoon, and I wish her all of the best with her pregnancy! Today, I’m posting about running and looking good while doing so! I play soccer, so a major part of it is running. And running during the winter is well…a pain. No one wants to do it, but I’ve learned some tricks of the trade to keep warm and look as good as one can while working out.


Above you can see a set I made of what I would wear while running. I get hot really easily (it may just be me), so I tend to wear short/sleeveless shirts with a thick zip hoodie over it. Running in the winter is all about layering. Layering is any runner’s best friend because you can wear it around your waist if you do get a bit warm, and slip it back on if you cool back down.

I also put in knit headbands that would cover my ears in the set. My ears always just about freeze to death during the winter when I go out and these will keep them nice and toasty, but also really cute! You can find similar ones here or here if you’re interested.

Leggings are an essential running piece for me, because I can buy a pair of printed ones and shake things up, or stick to my basics with a black pair and stay comfy! Leggings are really in at the moment, along with prints, so finding a good pair of leggings from Nike or Adidas, even if they are a bit costly, will be a great thing, and they can be used in the spring too! Leggings leave you the ability to run freely and don’t restrict your movements as much as yoga pants may.

And lastly shoes. INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES!! As an athelete, I don’t know how many times, I heard this and didn’t listen. Running shoes may not be a fall/winter essential, but they are necessary for running. The best shoes may not be the “cheapest”, but buying a good pair that you will get your money’s worth and that are good for your feet is essential. You may pay a bit more than what you’d buy for a simple shoe, than you may for a pair of Nike’s, but you will be happy you spent the extra money when you don’t have an injury.

Feel free to click on the set if you like and you can buy the items from Polyvore. I hope you enjoyed and early congrats to Joanne x