Fitness Pregnancy

The last thing women want to be reminded of when pregnant is working out. But repeat this mantra:
Working out is good for you and good for the baby.
Working out is good for you and good for the baby.
Because, duh.
But I get it, it’s truly the last thing in the world that you want to do. Especially during the first trimester
when all you can do is either hug the toilet, or sleep. I had the fatigue-and I had it bad. I would take naps
in my car at lunch. Some days I could still work out, and other days, fuhgetabout it. So I get it, debating
between taking a nap for 30 minutes or getting in your car. Trust me, nap wins. I get it.
For me, when I hit my second trimester , it was like POW all of this energy. This past weekend at 27
weeks pregnant I ran an 8k—and I’m now retiring from running (for four months). But I’m not here to
brag about my running (although I totally can if you want me to), I’m here to tell you why it’s important
to keep up your exercise.

1. People who keep active during pregnancy tend to have easier labors.

2. Women who exercise have smart babies.

3. You are an inspiration—think of how many people don’t even get off the couch.

4. 30 minutes of walking gives you time to be alone with your thoughts-which let’s face it, as those

hormones rage through your body, sometimes you just need some alone time.

5. Listen to your body, even if I’m telling you to work out, if you are in pain or hurt don’t do it.

Or maybe you’re reading this and you’re like YAWN, I already know this. Here are some tips for help
with working out:

1. The belt. This thing is a life saver. Once you hit 20 weeks and your round ligament is growing,

running, walking anything. It does not work at all.

2. Chocolate Milk. Seriously, Doctor’s orders. You may find that after working out Braxton Hicks

come and they come on strong. I talked to my midwife and she instructed me to drink chocolate

milk immediately after running. Well who am I to argue with a Dr?? (PS. It works)

3. Stretching-just do it. But be careful, you’re more flexible while pregnant so don’t over stretch!

4. Hydrate. More than you know. This also helps with Braxton Hicks.

5. Have a friend. Because friends. They will motivate you, help you, listen to you, be proud of you,
push you, bring you froyo , and just complain with you. Friends are the best.
Shameless plug. But here’s my running story. I hope it inspires you!

This guest post was submitted by Melissa from My Petit Bebe