Hey Readers!

Like in NYC, Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario is getting ready for winter. We’ve had
some snow flurries, some rain, and some awfully chilly days and nights. So, for my
guest post for Nyc: Fit, Food and Fashion, I thought I would do a feature I like to do on
my site called a Fantasy Closet! My Fantasy Closet is how I like to share some of my
favourite items from various designers, stores and websites. For this post, I’m doing a
mini Fantasy Closet for some of my favourite picks from one of my absolute favourite
luxury brands: Burberry! I have always been in love with their take on fashion, so below
are some winter weather picks I would love to own from Burberry!

Merino Wool Peplum Sweater - BurberryMerino Wool Peplum Sweater

Tailored Flared Trousers - BurberryTailored Flared Trousers

Leather Detail Wrap Skirt - BurberryLeather Detail Wrap Skirt

Reversible Waterfall Jersey Cardigan - BurberryReversible Waterfall Jersey Cardigan

Buckle Buffalo Leather Boots - BurberryBuckle Buffalo Leather Boots

Fur Detail Duffle Coat - BurberryFur Detail Duffle Coat

It was so hard to whittle down my selections for this closet, because there were so many
beautiful pieces to choose from! I know, the skirt and the boots may not keep you
warm on every cold day this winter, but those are for those rare days that it is above the
freezing point, and you want to look fabulous!
I hope my Fantasy Closet gave you some ideas to help you stay warm this winter!