I read the caption of a picture tonight and it said “Angelina Jolie Stuns…” and I had to click on it because

I just love her. Then I looked at the picture… I immediately felt sad for her. She looks sick. She is so

thin that there is no way she looks “stunning”. Is this what we are telling young girls and women what

“stunning” is? That’s not what I would ever want my daughter to look like, or myself for that matter.

What is wrong with society where we are encouraging women and girls to look like this? We’re pretty

much promoting eating disorders this way. Angelina has always been one of my favorite actresses, but

this picture shows that she’s just a shell of her former self. See for yourself by comparing the two photos


Angelina Jolie


I know she’s always been skinny, but you can see such a difference between the two photos. Please

don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful woman and I know she’s gone through a lot with the loss of

her aunt, her mother, her own health scares and battles…that’s not the problem and I applaud her

for getting through those times. The problem is calling her photo stunning…”courageous” yes, the

“ultimate humanitarian”, yes, but stunning? It’s just not the right message…

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~Monika Image courtesy of Fiona Childs