Last weekend we were visiting my family in Toronto for Canadian Thanksgiving. We did a lot of running around and visiting. One afternoon in between visits we stopped in to Baton Rouge in Oakville, Ontario. My brother had recommended it to us, so we decided to give it a try!. Being that is was a holiday weekend and only 12pm, I was not to shocked that there was only one occupied table other than ours. We greeted at the door by a super friendly hostess and seated right away. Our waitress came to the table and I have to say given the immediate friendly service I knew we were not in New York anymore.

Baton Rouge Oakville

The meal started out with a virgin caesar. My favorite thing to drink in the world. I prefer a regular caesar but given the baby growing in my stomach I think vodka is out of the question for now. Virgin it is. I can not tell you enough how awesome our server was. She made me want to eat everything on the menu. This girl knows how to sell the food. We chose the lobster poutine to start off with. It was one of the best starters I have ever had! Come on a gravy made with lobster bisque! Amazing, if you ever visit Baton Rouge this is a must have!

Lobster Poutine Baton Rouge Oakville

This place is known for it’s ribs so obviously Jon had to give them a try. He liked them but said they were not as good as Virgil’s here in the city but I disagree. They had just the right amount of sauce for me. So yummy!

Ribs Baton Rouge Oakville

I had the chicken tenders meal. The chicken tenders were recommended by our server and she was spot on. Not like a lot of other places these chicken tenders are hand breaded in house. So good they almost made me forget my chicken aversion! I had them with a side house salad. Even the salad was delicious it had bacon and egg on it!

Baton Rouge Oakville

Baton Rouge Oakville

We had such a great experience at Baton Rouge. I know that this will be on our list of places to visit next time we are in Oakville. I wish I knew the servers name because this girl gave outstanding service! If you have a Baton Rouge in your area give it a try and make sure to have the lobster poutine!