Exercise After Pregnancy

I know I am still pregnant and only 4 months but my mind is already on how will I get back to where I was after giving birth. Through my blog Helene Byrne reached out to me. Helen Byrne is a Perinatal Exercise Specialist. Helene has sent me a great book on Exercise After Pregnancy called just that.

The beginning of the book starts out with pregnancy and your body. This helps to establish all that your body has gone through during your pregnancy. Re-aligning your posture will be the first step. I have already found going into the second trimester that my posture is not the same. There are some great stretches and moves that will be able to help you out with getting your posture back the way it should be. This was something I had never even thought about. Another thing I did not think of was my pelvic floor. This great book has tips on getting that back in order as well. To be  honest all I had thought about was how will I get my abs and my butt back in shape! There is a lot more to this than I could have imagined.

There is also information on how to rebuild your abdominal wall. I am really hoping that there will not be abdominal separation. Is it to much to ask for a few things to be easy!  I have been going through this book and it looks like a great guide to get myself back into a routine of working on my body again. I love that it starts out with great and gentle Postpartum exercises. The postpartum section has such a great variety of stretches to do after birth.

Exercise After Childbirth

The next section is Knitting back together. It also focuses on stretching but this time there is ab work that is integrated in. I have not been doing much ab work since I have found out I was pregnant, I have found it to be uncomfortable. I will really have to jump back into it after the little arrives!

The third section is Advanced Core Strength. More ab work, I know this will be exactly what I will be looking for when the time comes. Maybe eventually I will get a 6 pack finally! Is that to much to ask!

This is a great book for new mothers. It focuses on gentle stretching and ab workouts. It is gentle enough that most women can start the program just days after birth. It will help you to test for and repair abdominal separation. Most importantly you want to boost your energy and get your confidence back to where it should be! Also who doesn’t want to start the program while the baby is taking a nap at home with no equipment necessary!

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