Route 66 NYC

One of our weekend rituals is to walk around 9th Ave and try to find a place to spend date night. We stumbled across Route 66, my mother in law had mentioned wanting to go there before so we gave it a shot. It is a pretty cool spot with interesting decor. For a Friday night it was not that busy and I found the wait staff was looking for things to do, which meant a lot lurking over your table.

The menu had a lot of variety. It was hard to choose they have, pastas, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, meats and so on and so on. We had a hard time choosing so we asked the waiter what was the best thing on the menu. He recommended the steaks. We decided to go with what he said and both ordered different steaks. The odd thing that you so not see in NYC very often was that everything comes with a soup or a salad. Jon thought this cheapened the place but I always like extras so I did not mind! I ordered the salad and Jon had the clam chowder.

ROute 6 NYC

Jon said the chowder was pretty good. My salad was a standard side salad with balsamic dressing. The worst part was I did find a hair in there. I normally would not have mentioned this but the hair things has happened to me many times recently. I have gone years without a hair in my food and this year I have found many. Hmmm NYC needs hairnets?

We also ordered the calamari for an appetizer. It was just ok. The marinara was pretty bland. Eatery has the best calamari in my opinion.

Route 66 NYC

For his entree Jon had the porterhouse. This is the first porterhouse I had seen in NYC that was not for 2 or more people. He said that it was tasty and grilled. It reminded him of steak you would grill on the BBQ at home. We normally share but for some reason I did not try this one so I will take his word for it!

Route 66 NYC

I had the blue cheese filet mignon, it was the special that evening. It was pretty good. Not the best blue cheese filet I have had but not many places can beat The Keg blue cheese filet. (Canadian readers will know what I mean) It was still really delicious though!

Route 66 NYC

All in all we had a good meal. I would not say it was amazing but I would check it out again and try something else next time. The service is very good and I loved the decor!

Route 66

858 9th Ave (between 56th St & 55th St) New York, NY 10019