I started my blogging journey back in May of this year. So the blog is only 6 months old, starting out I had huge aspirations for my little blog. I started off really keen on blogging everyday 3 times a day, a post on fitness, food and fashion. As time has gone on I have not always kept to that. I have realized that figuring out what I want to write about is more important than forcing myself to sit and produce a certain amount of posts per day.

The more I push myself to produce more content, the more I myself am not enjoying all the content that I am putting out there into the world. One thing has not changed I love sharing my fitness goals, struggles and triumphs with all of you. I also still love to experiment in the kitchen and post almost all of my cooking successes with you guys. I have been posting less restaurant reviews mainly because out of all of my posts I get the least amount of feedback on my restaurant reviews in NYC. Do let me know if you think that I should be writing more restaurant reviews and I will try my best to do that! Jon and I eat out for date night at least once a week. I write about fashion if the mood strikes me or if I am inspired by something I see or hear about.

I think the hate part is because I have had really big plans for my blog. I had hoped that it would take off really quickly and it did but as most things it has hit a plateau. I had to ask myself: “Do I love doing this enough that I will keep doing it even if I never get to 1000 daily views?”

This is something I really had to think about. The more I thought about giving up the more I became more inspired to keep going. Maybe it will never be a huge hit that I can stay home and run this as a business, which was my first goal. Even if I never see that day, the thing that keeps me writing is all the great things I hear from you guys! I want to take this moment to thank all of you that have been reading since I first posted back in May and all of the new people that have come a long the way. That is the LOVE part!

Through this blog I have meet some awesome people. I have become more involved in social networking which has actually become more of a passion than a hindrance, that was how I saw it in the beginning. Twitter was something I hated in the beginning and I now spend a large amount of time there and have found a large support group on Twitter with other bloggers. Another great thing is that it gives me an opportunity to be more creative. Before this blog I do not think I have sat down and written anything since I was in school. Anyone that writes also knows that writing makes you a better communicator, in print and in real life. Who wouldn’t want to work on their communication skills daily!

This site has changed my life in little ways since I started it 6 months ago and I know that it will continue to do so.Β  I hope if you are blogging you feel the same way or you are a reader and in some way at some point I have made a difference in your day! Please feel free to leave a comment because I LOVE reading them!

Thank you for Reading!