I am sure you have seen this picture by now:

This is the picture that Lea-Ann Ellison posted of herself doing cross fit. She is being labeled irresponsible and has stirred up a lot of controversy. The 35 year old is due in 2 weeks with her second child. I am in my 13th week and I am still doing my exercise routine daily. I am not going as intensely as Lea-Ann but I do not think what she is doing is wrong. From everything I have heard, you should continue doing what you do normally as long as you stop if you feel any pain. I was told do not start a new routine but continue anything that you would do on a regular basis.

I read this great article on shape magazine’s website, check it out: http://www.shape.com/blogs/working-it-out/how-much-exercise-should-you-do-while-pregnant

What are your thoughts on the subject??

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