I discovered oil pulling recently through reading wellness boards. You are probably asking what is oil pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for rejuvenation and detox. To oil pull, simply swish your choice of unrefined, high quality oil in your mouth; similar to the way you would use a mouthwash. From the research I have been doing the most popular oil choices are coconut, sesame, sunflower and safflower oil. It is recommended that you oil pull for 20 minutes. You may need to start at 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes. The process attracts and removes bacteria, toxins, and parasites that live in your mouth or lymph system, and also pulls congestion and mucus from your throat and loosens up your sinuses. All of these undesirable toxins bind with the oil, ready to be disposed of. Oil Pulling can  also help to re-mineralize your teeth and strengthen your gums by thoroughly cleansing the area.

I decided to give this a try, and have been practicing oil pulling every morning for the last 4 days. I decided to use safflower oil because it is an oil that I happen to have at home. I am thinking of also buying coconut oil to give that a try as well. First thing in the morning before brushing or eating anything take 1 tablespoon of the oil orally. Now push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, and allow it to touch every part of your mouth except your throat. You don’t want the oil getting in contact with your throat because it’s now carrying somewhat toxic material. Do not gargle with it!

Use the 20 minutes as time to relax and meditate. I have been doing it while doing my morning routines such as reading emails etc. Practice deep breathing through your nose. Once the times is up make sure to spit the oil in the trash and not into the sink, you do not want the oil to build up in your pipes. Now rinse your mouth out with clean water two or three times. Finally, drink a glass of water and relax. You should be feeling fresh and rejuvenated. So far I found that afterwards my mouth feels so clean that I do not feel the need to brush right away.

Since I have only been practicing oil pulling for 4 days, I do not have much to report. I do feel like my mouth is cleansed and I feel very relaxed. I am going to continue to practice oil pulling and I will give an update after about 30 days! If you want to learn more about oil pulling here is a link: http://oilpulling.com/

Oil Pulling