This morning Jon did something that surprised me. I am always going on about unhealthy things and I am sure most of the time Jon does not take me seriously. We have had many an argument over whether it is ok to drink 1 soda a day (he does and I do not). We actually had that argument last night, then this morning he sends me an article about the dangers of farmed fish. The fact is we eat tilapia, salmon, cod and seabass on a regular basis, I have not been checking if it is farm raised or caught in the wild.

In reading the article I found out that the fish I have been eating can cause inflammation, contains cancer causing pollutants, antibiotics and pesticides, low levels of nutrients, and contain LOTS of toxic chemicals. Knowing this, do I want to feed this to my family. I do not think so. So now I have something else to add to my long list of requirements when I go to the grocery store to shop for dinner. I will not stop buying and cooking fish but now I will be very careful in the kind that I buy. We are lucky enough to have a whole foods near us and are able to find wild caught fish. More and more grocery stores are carrying wild caught fish as well. As we become more and more informed on the things we eat we need to demand better from the places we buy our food from. Once we all start demanding better for our families, the food industry will start supplying us with what we want.

After reading this article: Jon told me that he wants to make sure that we buy wild caught fish from now on. I am happy to see him taking a great interest in our health, even though I am sure he is at work drinking a cherry coke zero as I write this. Read the article and get informed on what you are buying for dinner.