I have been continuing to train Jon in the evenings but I still make some time for just me in the afternoon. Most afternoons I have been fitting in 30-45 minutes of cardio and doing a mix of cardio and weights in the evening. I love to mix up my cardio, when i use the treadmill I like to do some hill training. It really helps to build strength in your legs. This is the plan I have for my cardio today. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

0-5min   0 incline   3.5mph   Warm-Up

5-9min   2 incline   5mph      Jog

9-11min  3incline   6.5mph  Hard Run

11-13min 0incline  4.5mph  Easy Jog

13-14min 0incline  4.5mph Easy Jog

14-15min 3incline  7mph    Sprint

15-17min 0incline   4mph   Fast Walk

17-18min 3incline   7mph   Sprint

18-20min 0incline   4mph   Fast Walk

20-21min 3incline   7mph   Sprint

21-23min 0incline   4mph   Fast Walk

23-24min 4incline   7mph   Sprint

24-26min 0incline   3mph   Walk

26-27min 5incline   6mph   Run

27-29min 0incline   3mph   Walk

29-30min 3incline   7mph   Sprint

30-35min 0incline   2.5mph Cool Down