I recently started working out with Jon. He has been asking me for a while to help him get back into shape. We usually get off to a great start but somewhere along the line, well in the first month, he gives up. We all know the feeling, the first day it will be ” I am tired from work” or ” I am to sore today”. Eventually I am back to just going to the gym by myself while he is at work.

I am posting about this today to help to keep him invested in it. I figure if I let all of you know about our latest stab at it, he just may not give up so easy this time. I am doing this for the health of my husband but also who doesn’t love a gym buddy! We will be doing 5-6 days a week and we are on week 2. I will keep you all posted on how it goes! For now I thought I would let you guys in on the workout we will be doing this week.

Monday (optional)

  • cardio 35 minutes


  • 15 minute treadmill warmup
  • 12×3 leg press machine
  • 12×3 weighted squat
  • 10 minute treadmill run


  • 10 minute cardio warm up
  • 12×3 chest press
  • 12×3 low row
  • 12×3 lat pull down
  • 20 minute cardio


  • 10 minute cardio warm up
  • 12×3 standing barbell curls
  • 12×3 alternating dumbbell curls
  • 12×3 tricep push downs
  • 12×3 tricep kickbacks
  • 20 minute cardio


  • 10 minute cardio warm up
  • 12×3 military press
  • 12×3 lateral raises
  • 12×3 upright rows
  • 20 minute cardio


  • 35-45 minutes of cardio
  • 12×3 crunches
  • 12×3 leg raises


  • Rest Day!!

What are you doing for Workout Wednesday??

Workout Wednesday!