Pets: Can they Make you Healthier?This is Beans and she is my fantastic fur baby! If you have been reading my blog this week I have been laid up with a foot injury. While I have been laying on the couch the last 55 hours and counting, my fur baby has been my companion. Anyone that has been laid up even for a day know how this can effect your mood. Laying in one spot all day can definitely be depressing. Luckily even just spending 30 minutes with your pet can release brain chemicals that are linked to happiness! Spend some time everyday cuddling with your pet!

Another great fact about owning a pet is : stress relief. Research has shown that spending even just 5 minutes with your pet can lower your cortisol levels, which is your stress hormone. It even can work in the workplace, there are businesses that are allowing people to bring their dogs in to work! One thing that I know for sure from this week that your pet can help ease your pain. Spending time with a dog or cat can help reduce the pain you are feeling, since they reduce stress it only makes sense that they can help take your mind of physical pain as well.

Fitness is another wonderful reason to have a pet. They will help you get up off your butt and get moving. I know this because even on days when I may be having trouble getting things started, I have to take Beans out side so she can get her exercise for the day! I also can burn some calories when she likes to run and play in the afternoon. I think some days I enjoy it more than she does!

If you do not have a pet in your life, you should totally get one. They will help your moods, stress levels and get you moving more! . Tell me about the pet in your life.