Running is counterproductive to strength training is something I have read so often that I will admit I was starting to believe it. I had just gotten to the point that I had learned to love running I also really wanted to tone up. Everything I had been reading was telling me that if I wanted to gain muscle running was not to be included in my workouts. I gave up running and went back to the elliptical and no more than 20 minutes on a day that I did strength training. I missed running.

I was surfing around the internet on one of my favorite sites and I came across a debunking myths article. One of the myths was: Running is counterproductive to strength training. This is some of what I read on

“Running is definitely not counterproductive to building muscle, unless you’re looking to dramatically increase muscle mass,” says Gregory Florez, CEO of “In fact, as a weight-bearing exercise, running helps develop more lean muscle mass in the lower body — which also keeps your bones healthy.”

That doesn’t mean it’s a substitute for strength training, though. “Include lower-body strength moves like squats and lunges and upper-body moves like push-ups and pull-ups to reduce injury risk, increase stamina, and boost metabolism,” adds Florez.

I was so glad to read this because after hating running when I first started, I had grown to love having it in my fitness routine.  I am now happy to say that I have incorporated running back into my regular routine and may even sign up for another 5k this season! I will continue my strength training but will no longer be afraid to run! How do you feel about running vs not running?