Well anyone that has talked to me in the last 24 hours knows how badly I have injured my foot and how ignoring it has made it much worse. I am writing this post laying on my couch with my foot tightly wrapped and elevated.

Do not workout injured! Tips on warning signs!It all started on Friday when I was working out at home. I was doing a set of weighted lunges when I felt like I tore something in the arch of my foot. I tried to work through it but it was to painful, sharp shooting pains kept running through the arch of my foot. I stopped the lunges but continued with the rest of my workout and felt ok. Saturday and Sunday I did not work out at all and I felt fine. Monday I had went to the gym and did a run on the treadmill, felt some pain but figured it was fine. I did the same thing on Tuesday, ignoring the dull pain in the arch and ball of my foot. I woke up Wednesday and could not stand on my foot. I fought it all day and decided I felt good enough to go to the gym and did 50 minutes on the elliptical.

 Big Mistake. I got back from the gym and could not get my shoe off on my own. I needed  Jon to take off my shoe and could not put any weight on my foot. Poor Jon had to carry me to the couch! Which is where I still am residing today. I can not really stand on my foot and I am keeping it wrapped. I wish I had listened to my body instead of trying to push through the pain. No pain no gain right. Well that is not always right. The problem is that sometimes we do not listen to the warning signs.

 Acute sports injuries are easier to spot and occur in a dramatic way, think atlanta braves Tim Hudson in last nights game! Other injuries are slow, creep up on you and get progressively worse especially when you continue the activities that caused the injury to begin with. If you pay attention to the warnings signs and symptoms of both types of injuries, you can often heal quicker and avoid serious damage or a long-term problem.

Do not ignore pain. It is there for a reason, pain is the biggest warning sign that we have that something is wrong with out bodies. Pay attention to joint pain, tenderness in a specific spot, swelling, reduced range of motion, numbness and tingling. If you have any of these signs stop all activity and immediately start treating the problem. Do not do what I do and let the problem become worse. Also think back and try to figure out the source of the injury, so you can make sure not to repeat when you return to your workouts. For me I had been working out barefoot on hardwood and I am pretty sure having no support while doing my workout had caused the injury. I now know that I will always wear my shoes while working out, even while I am at home.

Whether you have an acute injury or something less severe. Here is some tips on what to do to start taking care of the problem:

Immediate Injury Treatment Step-by-Step

  1. Stop the activity immediately.
  2. Wrap the injured part in a compression bandage.
  3. Apply ice to the injured part (use a bag of crushed ice or a bag of frozen vegetables) for no more than 15 minutes at a time.
  4. Let the area warm completely before applying ice again, in order to prevent frostbite.
  5. Elevate the injured part to reduce swelling.
  6. Get to a physician for a proper diagnosis of any serious injury.

As for me I am hoping and praying to be back on my feet in a couple of days. I have my little brother coming to NYC for his first visit here. You can only imagine the amount of walking that will be involved in showing him the sites. I refuse to spend those days on this couch!! So blog friends put of some positive vibes out there for me! Tell me of your experiences with injury.