For those of us that love working out, we may be doing a lot of these things already. We are a minority in this. There are a lot of people out there that just can not find the motivation to work out, try new things, and even go out more. The key is to work on getting more motivated and lead a more positive life. It may not be easy but you will be able to get there. I promise!

I know this from experience, I have not always been living my life in the most positive of ways. It has taken me many years to take control of my own happiness and to be motivated to change. Some of these tips may seem to simple, that is because they are! Give some of these a chance:

Drink more water: I know sounds crazy right? Being dehydrated can actually bring you down and change your mood levels. On a scientific note your brain is 80% water so feed it. If you are not hydrating you will have a harder time keeping your concentration. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water. ( Do not forget to drink more water for every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage).

Relax more: Take the time to relax each day. The less stressed and frazzled you are the more likely you are to get out there and get more done during the day. Stress hormones (yes there are stress hormones) can stop you from paying attention, making decisions and even effect memory. If you are feeling stressed take a few minutes to breath, meditate or do some stretches. If you are lucky, like I just happen to be ask your partner for a massage!

Hang out with friends and family: Make sure to take the time to spend with your loved ones. You will be surprised how this can effect your life in a positive way. Have nights out with your friends, dinner with family and go to classes. Interesting fact, when studied 80 year olds that are social suffered 70% less cognitive decline. The less social were not as sharp. Remember that the next time you decline another invitation for a night out because you just do not feel motivated to do it!

Eat Healthier: Fill your diet with fresh foods, organic whenever possible. Try adding a few of these to your diet plan salmon, walnuts, blueberries and flax seeds all have been found to improve brain function. Food for your brain!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: Do at least 30 minutes of exercise up to 5 times a week. Exercise reduces stress, improves memory, decision making and brain function. I know from experience that any time I am feeling stressed there is nothing that a good run on the treadmill can not fix!

Get enough sleep: We all know that when we feel sleep deprived we can not get anything done. Try to get in at least 7 hours but shoot for 8 hours if you can. Anything less than 6 hours can decrease your moods and impair your decision making and your vocabulary. Also try not to sleep over 9 because it can have the same effect. So 7-8 hours seems like the perfect amount to me!

Try something new: Nothing can boost your confidence and motivate you more than mastering something you have never tried before. For me recently it was starting this blog. It started as a little hobby and now has become something I am very proud to have started. I am learning new things everyday and hope that it leads to other new experiences. So if you always wanted to take a class in something, learn a new skill or take up a brand new hobby DO IT!! You will not regret it!

Give these tips a try and I promise you will start to feel more positive and motivated to do more things and achieve more success! Let me know what you do to keep yourself positive and motivated!

Tips to be more motivated: Working out your mind and spirit!