Last Sunday Jon and I had brunch at David Burke Kitchen. We had purchased a groupon and were really excited about getting the chance to have brunch there. David Burke KitchenDavid Burke KitchenOnce we were seated, we waited over 20 minutes before even being offered a glass of water. If you have read my other reviews, I am not picky and rarely comment on service unless it is really bad. Waiter strolled past us many times without even an acknowledgement. Finally our waiter arrived gave us water then disappeared again. I was able to make eye contact with a guy that I assume was the manager and he came right over. We placed our full order right down to the dessert because I felt like if I didn’t I would be there all day. It is a shame because we really were looking forward to eating at David Burke Kitchen. Enough about the lack of service let’s talk about the food. We started with yogurt with granola and berries.

David Burke KitchenThe yogurt was very good and creamy. I could have just eaten this for brunch it was pretty filling. For entrees we both ordered the eggs benedict.

David Burke KitchenThe eggs benedict was pretty good. I have had better but the egg was cooked well, which I have found to be a problem at most brunches I have been to in NYC. The bloody mary was just ok and a crazy $16! For a tiny drink I know we are in NYC but come on guys! Not worth it.

David Burke KitchenDavid Burke KitchenFor dessert we had the chocolate ganache cake with ice cream. It was yummy especially since they pour the ganache over top at the table!

David Burke KitchenThat was our brunch experience at David Burke Kitchen. I would go back for the food but I am not sure I would return due to the service.