This is one that I have heard many times but I have never looked into it, until this past week. For the past month or so I had really been trying to focus on weight training Since then my building took away my gym membership when we renewed our lease. Being that I am gym free, I have had to workout at home and figure out new ways to get in my workouts. Home workout tips here:

Without a gym membership (pending on what building management will end up doing for us) I have found myself with out the heavier weights that I had been training with. So this is when I started thinking will my muscle really turn into fat?

I decided to do some research on this. Thankfully upon searching I found the topic had been showing up in articles about fitness myths. Since fat and muscle are two totally different types of tissue, one can not just change into the other. The real scoop is that when you stop weight training your metabolism slows down, which makes complete sense! Now that your metabolism is running slower it may cause you to gain weight. The weight gain is not your muscle morphing into fat!

I also read that as your muscle shrinks to a smaller size there is now more room there for fat to deposit instead. When people tend to stop their workouts they continue to eat the same amount of calories as they did when they were working out but without burning as many calories in the day.

I hope this clears up the muscle turning into fat debate. I know it has for me. I am now not worried since I still workout but just not as much heavy lifting. I am still getting my calorie burn in for the day. I can now relax knowing that my muscle is not turning into flab while I sit here writing this post! What a relief!

Myth Buster: Muscle turns into Fat