Well I know this DVD is way old school. I actually used to do it in the ’90’s! Since I still have no gym membership (being worked out with building management still..) I decided to re-visit an old favorite. I also made a promise to do a review in a previous blog post on Cindy Crawford: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-aW

The DVD starts out with an intro by Cindy just talking about fitness and how this workout was different then the first one that was put out. The first DVD she did had a lot of complaints, people were getting injuries from the exercises in the workout. In this DVD she includes a glossary that shows any difficult moves and how to get the correct form. This is something I would check out first before starting the workout.

This you will need:

  • water
  • towel
  • mat
  • set of free weights
  • a chair (optional, for balance)

The workout starts with a warm up segment. It is very similar to the warm up done in the first DVD Cindy Crawford: Shape your Body. It includes: deep breaths, neck stretches, vertical scissors, front crosses, arm circles (front and back, side stretches, toe touches, trunk circles, quad/calve stretches, leg swings and many others. The warm up is really good and goes on for the first 10 minutes of the workout. There is a lot of stretching, which is important. I find when I am at the gym I probably do not stretch as much as I should!

The second segment is cardio:

  • jogging place (normal, heels to bum, slapping knees, several variations)
  • lunges (regular, with a kick, jumping, swings, scissors and a few others)
  • jumps ( 1 forward-2back), twists, plie jumps
  • skipping
  • skater jumps
  • sumo wrestlers (great one for the legs!)
  • and many other great cardio/strength moves

I love the cardio portion because it is not just cardio but incorporates strength. Lots on squats with jumps, lunges with kicks etc. You can really feel your muscles working as well as your heart pumping! The Cardio/Legs segment is approx. 15 minutes in length.

The third segment is Ab work. There is a lot of ab work on this DVD. I do not mind all the work though! The ab exercises include:

  • crunches (regular, reverse, side)
  • full sit-ups

The first ab segment is short about 8 minutes but they do go back to abs in a later segment. Next we move on to upper body work. Some of the upper body exercises include:

  • lay-down chest circles (both ways)
  • cross over flyes

Chest portion is about 6 minutes but is the best chest workout I have ever done on a workout tape/DVD. Following the chest segment she throws in some more ab work exercises. There is no shortage of ab work. My abs are pretty sore the next day and I normally do an ab set almost every day. The next segment is the rest of your upper body. Some of the exercises included are:

  • bicep curls (regular, reverse)
  • lateral raises
  • bent-over rows
  • front raises
  • tricep extensions
  • bent-over lateral raises
  • tricep kickbacks

Following upper body (approx 10 minutes) there is another set of abs! Yes you read that correctly another set of abs! This DVD is great for abs and for upper body. I have not listed all of the exercises in this workout because there are so many but I have given a general outline of what the plan looks like. There is also about 10 minutes of stretches during the cool down. The warm up and cool down have really opened my eyes to how little I stretch before and after my regular work outs.

The DVD is around an hour of workout time. I will be doing this one again because I honestly love it. The music is great and does not really seem to 90’s! I would recommend this workout to most people that are already on a work out plan. Some of the exercises are a little advanced especially in the leg portion. If you do not know a lot about form I would suggest watching the glossary more than once to really understand it. The last thing you want is to sustain any injuries due to poor form. I hope to do more work out reviews in the future. If you have an requests please let me know!

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