If you read my blog regularly you may have read my post on my addiction to the scale: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-qk With this addiction I am a daily weigher. This means I am used to fluctuations. Since I am so used to it I know when it is water weight dependent on time of month, swelling in high heat and high salt in take days. Well recently I have run into a new reason my numbers have been higher (other than my trip to Jamaica!).

Muscle weighs more than fat. I am sure this is something you have heard about. Well this is true. I have recently cut back on the cardio and implemented more weight training. Work out sample: http://wp.me/p3wWp1-Ya

Since I do weigh myself everyday, I notice differences right away. I started weight training and I had initially gained some weight. The numbers got a little higher not huge amounts. It is not like I was seeing dozens of pounds pile on. For example I was normally sitting comfortably at about 128 and now I am sitting on avg at 133. Years ago this would have driven me crazy! I would be trying to figure out how to lose those 5 pounds that I had put on. My how things have changed, I am now proud of those extra 5 pounds.

I am proud. I know that I have been working hard to build the muscle that the extra 5 pounds represents. So do not be afraid of raising numbers on the scale, if you have been working out. It depends where those pounds are coming from: fat or muscle. “The difference is the density”. A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. That’s why it’s possible to become leaner and healthier while at the same time gaining weight. So don’t be overly concerned with a specific number on the scale; it’s more about how you feel. I know these days, I am feeling better than ever!

Myth Buster: Higher Number on the Scale means you are Getting Fatter?