Well after the post that I made yesterday http://nycfitfoodfashion.com/2013/07/09/at-home-workouts-what-do-you-do/ I received a few tips on what you guys are doing at home. Keep the tips coming! I thought I would share some of the tips I got with you:

@Joannenyc5 try this! Choose today & do the workouts (no equipment needed). I always do some extra besides this too! pic.twitter.com/9lXeKvlLr7 – @lianaxnicolex

@Joannenyc5 I love zumba & dance on the Wii! #NYC #fitness #workouts-@mommy_monika

Bodyrock.tv a lot of their workouts have some weights but you can do a lot of them without and they are all free! Love love love this website use it all the time! -Melissa Berger

I workout at home with a website called Fitness Blender. It has tons of full length workout videos for free! – jenwilliams1981

I work out at home and use a variety of DVDs. I like to have variety so I don’t get bored (which is funny, because I’m a runner and most people think running is boring). Anyway, you can get some at the library, but I would suggest investing in a few you really love. You don’t need a lot of equipment either. I have 4 sets of hand weights (3-, 5-, 8-, and 10-lbs), a band, and a yoga mat.I move my coffee table to a different room while I work out also. Good luck!!! – fitin52

If you’ve got a yoga mat, you can do just about anything. I don’t go to a gym, or own any workout equipment at home, besides hand weights if that counts.. I do squats daily. I have it easy for some reason, I’m capable of doing 100 like its nothing. Not everyone has that leisure. Whether its burpees, jumping squats, high knees, butt kicks, or running in place, it can all be done with as much space as you’d need to lie down. I also like to dance, all the time, everywhere. Its a great workout if you hadn’t heard. Lol – anashayne

I really recommend Physique 57!! There are actual locations in NY or you can take their online classes which range from about $5-$7. I blogged about it a few weeks ago, it was an awesome workout and doesn’t require a ton of space!! Also check our my Bulu box post while you’re there and get your free box!! :) – run2yourownbeat

I have a very small house and so working out at home is difficult so for a low cost alternative I use groupon and living social…..I got an unlimited classes for 3 months for 30 dollars of Hot Yoga at a great high end studio. Right now there is an offer for an unlimited month of cross fit for $20. If working out at home gets too limiting this is an idea. – fanficfan44

Keep the tips coming!!

Tips for Workingout at home