This past month we renewed our lease at our building for 2 more years. They failed to mention that the new lease with a $200 per month increase now does not include the health club in our building or the outdoor space. I came home from vacation attempted to go to the gym and was told my membership is no longer valid. So not only did the building raise my rent but now they want us to pay $80 per month each for the amenities!!! I was not a happy camper. Here is the dilemma I live in  NYC 1 bedroom apartment so there is not that much room for working out. We are also in a heat wave so the prospect of running outside is not very tempting to me right now.

I am left trying to figure out what I can do in my little space to not fall behind on my workouts while I try to sort out this mess with my building manager. I have reached out to my twitter friends and have been given a few good tips but I thought I would reach out to you guys here on my blog to see what you guys would do? How would you work out indoors at home in a small space?

Any workout ideas would be fantastic! Thanks in advance to my blog readers!

At Home Workouts- What do you do?