In honor of International Kissing Day I thought I would take a look at kissing and its health benefits! I have done my research and I have come up with some great benefits to kissing your loved one today.

Kissing is an immune booster. Kissing has long been thought to be a way to pass along bugs and thus strengthen the body’s defenses. I think I would rather have some kisses than a flu shot! All kidding aside kissing is great for your health.

Kissing also burns calories. I do not know how true this is but according to my research kissing can burn up to 6 calories a minute. Another great reason to kiss your loved one today. It can help you burn a few extra calories!

Kissing helps to strengthen the muscles in your face. You use 30 different muscles in your face while kissing. I may not help you with 6 pack abs but I will take some tightening up anywhere I can get it! Maybe it can help me from ever needing a face lift?? Every little bit helps right?

The most important health benefit kissing has is stress relief. Kissing can help to relax you when feeling stressed. Scientific reports say kissing increases the levels of oxytocin, the body’s natural calming chemical and also increased endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals. Swapping spit is also noted to increase dopamine, which aids in feelings of romantic attachment. Many people say that relationships get into trouble when the kissing has stopped. Never stop kissing is the best advice I have received on how to have a successful marriage!

Is kissing good for you??