First off, I would like to thank NycFitFoodandFashion for having me be a guest blogger.  I am really excited for the opportunity! …Excited to share with you and learn along side you.

When we spoke I asked if there was any particular topic that should be covered, the answer I was given was thought provoking; “write about something that inspires you.”  Whenever I receive an answer like that, it always makes me take a moment to ponder what really inspires me.  It’s great because questions like that act as a check-in on my everyday life to see if I am trying to live by what inspires or fulfills me. The answer came pretty quickly because it is how I live my life everyday – Fast and Easy ways to be a little healthier.    I like to get the most bang for my buck!

So here are my top 5 tips to be healthier and have the greatest impact while using very little time:

1) Hot Water with Lemon Juice

  • First thing in the morning drink a hot/warm water with lemon before having anything else.  You don’t have to sit and drink it leisurely. In fact, most mornings I drink it as I get myself ready for the day.   Then afterwards I have my breakfast and coffee.
  • Why?

i.     Flushes the body of toxins

ii.     Speeds hydration throughout the day

iii.     Provides a number of benefits to the immune system

iv.     Aids in digestion

2) Green Tea

  • Switch your coffee for Green Tea especially if you drink multiple cups a day
  • Why?

i.         Increases Metabolism

ii.         Has high level of antioxidants

iii.         Helps keep Blood Sugar from spiking after eating

iv.         Lowers Cholesterol

3) Pack Water for the Day

  • It is always hard to make sure we get enough water in a day so make sure when you leave your home that yo,u have a bottle of water with you
  • When you are feeling thirsty dehydration has already begun. We should be quenching thirst before we sense it
  • If you are bored of plain old water, get more bang for your buck by adding fruit or vegetables to it.

4) Meal Planning

  • The night before going grocery shopping, plan your meals for the week.
  • Why?

i.     Healthier eating choices will be made

ii.     Save money

iii.     Have less food waste

5) Cheat Day!

  • This is my favourite.  Allowing a cheat day makes sure you make healthier choices throughout the week because you Can spend the week planning out your Cheat Day
  • Everyone loves to indulge a little

By following these 5 quick and easy tips you can find yourself being a little healthier!! Does anyone else have some favourite health tips?

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have transitioned into Health and Wellness Counselling.

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