If you have been reading my fitness posts, you know how much I love the gym. It is part of my everyday life. I actually hate rest day because I feel like something is missing. I can also still look back at a time when I did not want to ever step foot in a gym or would never even imagine going outside for a run. What causes people to not want to give exercise a chance?

The number one reason is embarrassment. When you are not used to a gym environment it can be quite intimidating. Everyone has to start somewhere. I was exactly like this, I had low self esteem so I assumed everyone is judging me. I started out working out at home and gradually built up the confidence to get a gym membership. Once there I had realized that most people are way to busy concentrating on their workout than standing around watching what I was up to. I do recommend if you are nervous about entering a gym start off at home or outdoors!

Location is another reason people do not hit up the gym. I find this one to be an excuse more than a reason. If you want it bad enough you will find a place to work out that is convenient for you. Once I had made the gym a part of my life, I was willing to even go out of my way and even travel up to 30-40 minutes to get to the gym. If there really is no place to work out, there is nothing wrong with home workouts or running outdoors.

Time. Everyone says they do not have enough time to do it. You have to make the time. Once you start doing it and build it into a habit, you will start working your life around those workouts. Once the habit is built I promise you will find that you will fall in love with exercise. If you don’t then well I promise you will not hate it! I hated working out in the beginning, after a year I was actually getting up at 6am just so I could fit in the gym 5-6 days a week. I never could have imagined I would be happy to be setting my alarm to get up before dawn. I was happy to get up early, because I knew I would be sad if I could not find the time in my day to get my exercise in. Give it a try you will surprise yourself.

Those are the top 3 reasons people do not work out. When it comes to embarrassment, start out easy and try home work outs. For location, research a gym near you. There are so many health clubs these days. There is no way that there will be none near where you live or near work. For making time, see what works for you. When you are starting out first try different times. Once you find a time that works for you do it daily. Work out at the same time as often as you can, to build a habit. Once you have built working out into a habit you will never look back!

Top 3 Reasons people do not work out!