Here is the final part of my first year in NYC! I have been sharing the last few days the first year we have spent as a married couple in NYC. Here are some of the highlights:

Easrer Brassiere 8 1/2

We had our easter brunch at Brassiere 8 1/2. This is the second year we have done this. The brunch here is amazing!

Fleetwood MacThe Fleetwood Mac concert at Madison Square Gardens!

Fleetwood MacBlue Ribbon NYC

Jon’s Birthday at Blue Ribbon Sushi! The best surf and turf in the City!

Surf and Turf

The High LineWalking the High Line in the City!

Central Park

Spending the afternoon walking around Central Park!

Central Park


Nothing like a BBQ with some friends! You would think that you can not have a BBQ in the city but we have friends that do have a grill on their balcony. Talk about awesome!

BBQBruch at View of the World TerraceBrunch at View of the World Terrace a couple of weekends ago. It was fantastic!

Ninja restaurantThis is Jon and I having dinner at Ninja restaurant. This place is one of my favorites and somewhere you have to go in the city!

This ends my stroll down memory lane. This past year has been the best I have ever had! I can not wait to see what NYC has in store for us this year. I will end off this post with a wedding picture since it is my anniversary this week. We did not get married in NYC but In Punta Cana, DR. Love you babe! This ones for you!

My wedding