Jon and I are leaving on vacation this week. Normally when we go on vacation I just relax, no workouts. I also come home from vacation a little defeated that I put on a couple of pounds on my vacation. So this time I am planning to find a way to fit fitness in while I am away for the week.

I know from research of Sandals Grande Riviera, where we will be staying that there is a state of the art gym on the property. I am hoping to fit in my weight training that I have been focusing on the last couple of weeks. I have gotten into a groove and do not want to lose that.

There is also the obvious when you are in the Caribbean: swimming. I also know I may not make it into the gym everyday. Being that this is an anniversary trip I am sure Jon will want me not to be a gym rat. I will vow to do laps on those days just to get in some activity, got to work off those pina coladas!

I have also read that there is a running trail that goes through the resort. I am game to give this a try but I am also worried about the heat in Jamaica in late June and early July. Maybe I can convince Jon to do this with me one morning? Or maybe a hike!

This is also a great time to try new things. I have never been to adventurous, this may be the time to check out some activities that the resort has to offer. Paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding are just a few of the options that we will have available to us!

What do you do while on vacation? Do you make time for your regular workouts?

Fitting fitness into your vacation