I can not say I am shocked by this news. Paula Deen’s contract with the Food Network has not been re-newed. To be perfectly honest I have never been a fan of her. There was always something that was just not right. She seemed phoney to me and way to sweet for it to be real.

Today saw Deen being a no show for her interview with the “Today Show”. After that she was posted in two online videos, in the videos Paula is apologizing and begging forgiveness of her fans and family. If you have not heard already Paula has admitted to using racist language.

The subject was brought on when Paula Deen made remarks in a deposition this week, for a lawsuit brought on by former employees. In the document, she admitted she had used racial epithets, tolerated racist jokes and condoned pornography in the workplace. Does she sound like the sweet lady she portrayed on The Food Network.

Paula currently has three shows on The Food Network. The network would not elaborate on their reasons for not re-newing Deen’s contract that was up this month.

This is not the first time that Paula Deen has been under fire. In January of last year she had announced that she had Type 2 Diabetes. This did not sit well with a lot of her fans considering she had built her empire on her foods that were not exactly diet friendly. Here food was always served up with the sugary sweet smile , trying to sell her audience on the food that she knew had been making her ill to begin with. If you have ever watched her cook, she encourages eating everything that is on the list of foods to give heart attacks. Better yet to help her audience get obese and end up with diabetes.

Given that she has her hands in many businesses, I am sure this is not the last we will be seeing of Paula Deen. Even though I wish it were. If that sounds harsh, just remember I was never a fan to begin with.  As Paula said  in her deposition ” I can’t , myself determine what offends another person”. I hope she is not offended when I say: ” I am glad she got fired”. What are your thoughts on the Paula Deen scandal?

Paula Deen Fired From The Food Network