So I guess I am late in the game on this one. I was sitting here with Jon watching tv when the promo for tonight’s news cast came on. They were promoting a story on putting butter in your coffee to lose weight. I had to start researching this right away. When are these fads going to end? Do you mean the next time I am at starbucks people are going to be asking for butter in their coffee instead of milk??

This strange brew claims to shrink your waist line and help with brain performance. My first thoughts are that people are adding two thirds of a stick of butter to their coffee. Hmm to me that sounds greasy and a possible washroom situation. Why don’t we just start promoting laxatives as a great way to lose weight??

As I was fishing around I found this info from the Today diet and nutrtion editor: Madelyn Fernstrom, says the blend – which contains between 100 and 200 calories a cup – can actually promote weight gain, and that any extra energy experienced by drinkers is merely a placebo effect. Many on the Paleo diet are fans of this since it follows their high animal fat diet. I may sound crazy here but the amount of butter added in the coffee is a little crazy. Why not get the fat from a little bit of cream for the same effects?

So the claims are that this will make you lose weight. Let’s just say it does, What will it do for your heart??  According to, butter is very high in saturated fat, an ingredient which raises the level of cholesterol in your blood and therefore increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. Well 80 grams of butter which is about 2 thirds of a stick is likely to contain a large amount of saturated fat. Sound good to you?

I am revolted by this. Mainly because I am so tired of all these little tricks and schemes to lose weight as quick as you can. I have done many stupid things to lose weight in the past. Through those stupid things I know that nothing keeps the weight off, except for a balanced diet and exercise. I know it is boring but that is the answer. That is the cure. There is no lose weight quick diet. Common sense would tell you though that consuming sticks of butter in a day could never be good for you!! I will let you do your own research if you are considering this as a way to peel of the pounds. I will never be attempting to try this concoction and I love coffee but I have to draw the line somewhere. What are your thoughts on this new fad?

Butter in Coffee to Lose Weight???


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