While attending the #140conf this week there was something I noticed about the speakers. They all had a great passion for what they were speaking about. There was so much passion for life going on in this one room, I left thinking how do I get more of that in my life!

Since I was listening to people speak, the first thing that came to mind was expressing passions. If there is something that you are passionate about talk about it. If you really believe in something share those thoughts with others. Through expression you are also able to find others that have the same excitement that you have. Nothing will help you grow your passion for something more than having others to share this with.

If you do not know what you are passionate about, how do you figure it out? Ask the people closest to you. Friends and family sometimes see things you do not. I always thought I did not really have any hobbies or specific interests. Through talking with my husband Jon, he brought it to my attention that my going to the gym daily is a hobby. I never thought of it that way more like just something I did everyday for my health and to look good. Realizing that was my interest, I have taken my love for fitness to a new level. That was where this blog came to be. I wanted a place where I could express my passions and to maybe help some others cultivate their own.

Finding and living your passions is one of the biggest challenges you will undertake. I think everyone should take some time to figure this out. 80% of Americans are unsatisfied in their lives. So that means only 20% have actually taken the time to figure out what makes them happy and what their passion is. Whether it is a career or a hobby everyone needs something that makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning. Something that gives you purpose and makes you feel valuable. Once your living your passion everything in life will feel more amazing and life will seem brighter.

How do you get there? Take a hard look at your life right now. What are the things that make you feel happy? Those are the things you need to focus on. You want to add on and grow o those things that make you feel passion. The other stuff the stuff that is making you unhappy, get away from it. I know you may think it is not that easy but it can be. Only you are responsible for your life’s happiness. Research your passions, start reading about them and learn more. As you learn and research and if you are lucky enough maybe you can find a way to make your passion into a career. Right now I will settle for a really awesome hobby.

Connect with others. I found this to be key. I have found such a great community feel in twitter, facebook, and on my blog. Social networking has been the best outlet to find others that shared the same passions as I do. Through social media I met some great people and I hope to build more and more relationships along the way. Reach out! You will find their are so many people out there that love the things you love and are also a great support in your growth. Take a chance believe me you will be so glad that you did.

All you need to do is find something engage in it and stay involved. Whether you love fitness, volunteering, gardening, singing, dancing, collecting stamps and so on and so on. You get the picture, embrace it. Pursuing your passion will not only benefit you but all those around you. Like I said in the beginning or this post passion is contagious! I would love to hear from you guys about what you are passionate about. What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

Live with Passion