Today was the second day of the #140 conference. I was pumped to be there after having such a great day yesterday. Over the last 2 days, I think I have learned more about health and my personal well being than I ever have. It was not really fitness focused, it was more about wellness, empowerment, spirituality and over all health. I am very grateful to Jeff Pulver for inviting me to be part of his “twitter team” at this event. I am sorry it is over. Here are some of my highlights from today:

The first speaker I saw today was Derek Flanzraich (@thederek), CEO and founder of Greatist. I love everything Derek stands for, he spoke about “How to make healthy living cool”. He was so relatable in his journey to find a less intimidating, happier and more fun way to make getting healthy more accessible. He created Greatist because there was nothing out there in the realm of losing weight and getting fit that he could relate to. I recommend everyone check out:

Next up was Chelsea Roff (@chelsearoff) Nationally-recognized author, speaker, and yoga instructor. Chelsea was one of the speaker I planned my day around. Her topic was “From 58 pounds to thriving”. She is a survivor of the ED anorexia. I have had some personal experience with the subject, so it is something that always interests me. I was inspired by how resilient she was. Here she was speaking about suffering a stroke at age 15, due to anorexia. If I had met her on the street, I would have never known what she had been through. She credits the community she felt while in the hospital. The Dr.’s and nurses gave her value and she was re-awakened by their love and affection towards her. She had stayed for 18 months. After leaving she found a new community in yoga. Yoga changed her life, she wanted to give back. Chelsea started teaching yoga at the community center, worked with brothers & sisters of America and became a role model. Her steps for overcoming challenges to build resilience was: will to live, community, and giving back. Chelsea Roff is a true inspiration.

Dr. Stephen Gullo (@DrStephenGullo) America’s first food strategist. Dr. Gullo had me glued to my seat. He made me think of food in ways I had never thought of before. He spoke about losing weight and keeping it off. Why it does not work for so many people. Winners (those that keep the weight off)  avoid certain foods all together. They see it as a choice and they make adult decisions regarding their health. When he said “Is it the quality of the cookie or the quality of your life” I found myself nodding along. Everything he said just made so much sense. The other thing Dr. Gullo said that really got me was: ” The best exercise in the world is exercise in good judgement”.

There is much more that I took in today. These were just three of my favorites. I will be certainly mentioning the things that I learned the last two days for weeks to come. I think I have not taken this many notes since I was in school! Once again I would like to thank Jeff Pulver for organizing this event and for inviting me to it. Feeling so inspired!

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