Today I attended the #140 conference, I will also be there tomorrow afternoon. The speakers I saw today taught me a lot and I have taken pages and pages of notes already. I will be gathering my notes and they will be inspiration for many blog posts in the future. I definitely felt inspired listening to all these fantastic professionals tell their stories of Health and Wellness. I was going specifically to hear about fitness but found myself interested in many other topics as well. I thought I would share with you some of the experiences I had today.

I showed up after lunch time, the first speakers I saw were Carrie Mess (@DairyCarrie) and Colleen Newvine (@cnewvine). Carrie is a dairy farmer and I was very interested in what she had to say since I have been considering going dairy free for awhile. I have not been able to bite the bullet because of my love of yogurt! I have been looking at her site since coming home and I am definitely thinking I may not be ready to give up just yet. Colleen is journalist turned MBA as a marketing consultant she was discussing the importance of building relationships with the consumer and the farmers in this day and age. So if you are like me an on the fence on the whole dairy free thing check out Carrie’s website and ask questions!!

Next up was Hemi Weingarten (@fooducate). Hemi is the CEO and founder of fooducate “Washington is Ruining our Health” was his subject. He discussed a lot of political factors that go into food. Is the government responsible for our health? That is the real question. He had a lot of awesome information to give. Check out his app fooducate.

AJ Jacobs (@ajjacobs) Author of The Year of Living Biblically and Drop Dead Healthy. Aj has tremendous spirit. I am definitely going to check out Drop Dead Healthy after hearing Aj speak. In his book Aj had decided to get healthy Mind, Spirit and Health. He was very motivating. I will be buying his book and will do a review when I am done!

Sadie Kurzban (@SadieKurzban) founder @305 fitness. I was amazed by Sadie’s passion for life. At 23 years old she has started a successful business, the best part about this is that the business is her passion. We should all be so lucky to work in a field that we are passionate about. That is what we all dream of for our careers. Living in the city I will be checking out cardio dance @305 fitness!

Dr. Kevin Jardine (@DrKJardine) Founder of Feeling Pretty Remarkable as well as spoke about Movement as Medicine. Sounds simple enough move more and hurt less. Movement is one of the most important components of lasting health. I believe in this very strongly, I have always been on the move and do not have any aches and pains. I used to stand all day for work and never had sore knees or legs. While listening to this I did come to the conclusion since I do work out and lift weights I do use my gross motor skills more than my fine motor skills. I have horrible balance, tonight I will try to use my fine motor skills by standing on one foot while brushing my teeth in honor of this speaker!

I will have more to report back tomorrow and lots of inspiration!!!